Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There Is This Space

My heart has never been more ready.  To my core, in my bones…I can feel you.  Our hearts, our home hold a space for you and only you.  We are waiting, little one, with open hearts, an open home...we are waiting. There is this space…a space all your own.    

The song below has been with me since high school.  It has held different meanings for me at different times in my life.  In the last few weeks it has played and re-played through my head and seeped into my soul.   
This is what I feel. 

Absence of Fear by Jewel on Grooveshark

Inside my skin
There is this space...
It twists and turns
It bleeds and aches

Inside my heart
There's an empty room.
It's waiting for lightning;
It's waiting for you

I am wanting, and...
I am needing you here
Inside the absence of fear

Muscle and sinew
Velvet and stone...
This vessel is haunted
It creaks and moans

My bones call to you
In a separate skin.
I make myself translucent
To let you in, boy...

I am wanting, and...
I am needing you here
Inside the absence of fear

There is this hunger
This restlessness inside of me
And it knows that you're no stranger,
You're my gravity

My hands will adore you
Through all darkness aim, they will
Lay you out in moonlight
And reinvent your name

For I am wanting, and...
I am needing you
To be here...
I need you near...
Inside the absence of fear.


  1. I will never forget that ache, Dana... When you are waiting for your child, it is an ache like no other. I'm so sad that anyone ever has to experience it. I used to say I felt as though I was starving, famished--yet everyone around me seemed abundantly full. I pray tonight that your wait ends soon and that your heart and home are both full. This will be YOUR year. It will.

  2. I have a very strong feeling that the space will be filled this we continue to pray for you all by name....Hope...